Why Starzyk & Associates

What We Do

Federal Lobbying

Starzyk & Associates, LLC works with clients to create and carry out a successful Federal Government Affairs strategy which includes direct lobbying of Congress, the Administration, and other relevant Federal Agencies.

Legislative & Regulatory Monitoring

Starzyk & Associates, LLC keeps its clients up-to-date with daily monitoring of all legislative activity, Committee action, bill introduction and cosponsorship activity, as well as Administrative regulatory actions. In addition, Starzyk & Associates, LLC will monitor potential federal grant opportunities for its clients.

Strategic Communications

Starzyk & Associates, LLC works with our clients to effectively communicate with decision-makers in Congress and their neighbors back home through a grassroots communications strategy which includes press communications, public outreach, and coalition building.

Why We are Different

Client Attentiveness

Because Starzyk & Associates is a small, boutique lobbying firm, we only have a handful of clients. This allows us to devote our undivided attention on each individual clients’ needs. And, we can guarantee that when you call or email us, we will be back in touch with you within 24 hours.


Starzyk & Associates is intentionally small allowing us to give our clients the absolute best service. Consider us an extension of your office; only in Washington, DC.


Scandals, elections or retirements can change the political power structure in Washington overnight. Because we are small, we can more easily pivot and react to fast changing situations and amend our strategy accordingly.


Our team is small. It’s made up of government affairs professionals with more than 50 years combined experience in Federal and State government affairs.

Why Choose Us


Starzyk & Associates Managing Director, F. Edward Starzyk, believes he has a duty to his clients to provide effective and honest government affairs services.


With the 118th Congress and the Biden Administration, Starzyk & Associates is well positioned to take advantage of our strong relationships within the House and Senate and strong, personal relationships within the Administration


Because we are a small, boutique firm, we are able to keep costs down for our clients. We have little overhead which allows us to provide excellent government relations services at a price point that’s far below what law firms or larger lobbying firms charge.

Appropriations Work

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