Our Services

What Services We Provide

Starzyk & Associates is a full-service Federal Government Affairs and Strategic Communications firm offering the following services to our clients.

Federal Lobbying

Starzyk & Associates, LLC works with clients to create and carry out a successful Federal Government Affairs strategy, including direct lobbying of Congress, the Administration, and representation in front of various national interest groups.

Legislative Monitoring

Starzyk & Associates, LLC keeps its clients up-to-date with daily monitoring of all legislative activity, Committee action, bill introduction and cosponsorship activity, and Administrative regulatory actions. In addition, Starzyk & Associates, LLC is adept at securing federal appropriations for its clients.

Federal Appropriations

Starzyk & Associates, LLC works with clients to develop and submit federal appropriations proposals that have the best possible chance at being funded. S&A appropriations work includes drafting appropriations proposals, organizing important support and developing support letters, and educating Members of the State’s Congressional Delegation.

Strategic Communications

Starzyk & Associates, LLC works with clients to effectively communicate with decision-makers in Congress and their neighbors back home through a grassroots communications strategy which includes press communications, public outreach, and coalition building.
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